J. Precursor (1986, Singapore) is an emerging multimedia artist /performer /researcher who is in search and discovery of radical aesthetics to represent his state of existence. The style of his art evolves with time through his artistic fundamentals of investigating, experimenting and formalizing the organization of sounds using organic systemization. Also, establishing an inter-relationship between sound and visual. He has completed his BA(Hons) Music majoring in Music Technology, and has researched and wrote on Composing Musique Concrète with Conway’s Game of Life. Following that in Feb 2011, he was invited to STEIM to participate in their orientation residency to learn about instrument design and software application of LiSa and junXion.He is currently pursuing his MFA in Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence & Design with Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts.

Some of his notable collaboration works include Undecakisimage(US), A6B(US), Itinerant Dance Orchestra(US) and Chaos3(SG).

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